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Google AdWords Bans Ads for Cryptocurrency If you’re offering information about trading cryptocurrency, your AdWords days are numbered. Starting June, 2018, Google will ban all AdWords ads for crypto exchanges, ICOs, and pretty much anything crypto. The reason? Cryptocurrency scams. Here’s more info: Fun and Useful Tool for Content Ideas and SEO Phrases Type

Laces: The Importance of the Value of Your Product

There once lived a pair of twin brothers, they did everything together. They grew up together, played together, went to school together, graduated and went to the same university together. Eventually they started a business together and became very successful. They were alike in almost every way, in every way but one, one brother always

How to Write for SEO Without Going Crazy

When you’re struggling to write your latest blogpost, you probably don’t want to have to worry about SEO, too. There is one theory that says you shouldn’t. After all, if you start focusing on SEO, then you won’t be writing the best content possible for your audience. But is it really and either/or type of

How to Use Empathy and Emotion to Double Your Sales Overnight

What if you could get 5%, 10% and maybe even 15% conversions with mediocre sales copy? You can, but there’s something you’ve got to do first — you’ve got to build trust, likeability, credibility and loyalty with your prospects. People buy on emotion. In fact, if you ask someone a day after they read your

How to Make [SERIOUS] Money Giving Away Courses

Can you earn $5,000 to $10,00 a month giving away what other marketers sell? Actually, yes! I love this because it’s simple and will work in a variety of niches. There’s this gal in the investment market who gives away her course. Mind you, it’s a great course, complete with videos, pdf’s, and a ton