Offliners: How to Handle Any BIG Objection

This comes from a friend of mine, but I understand it originates from the The World Book Encyclopedia selling manual, back in the day when encyclopedias were sold door to door. Let’s say you’ve made your presentation to your brick and mortar business person. You’ve answered their questions. You’ve done a bang up job of

How to Create an Upsell for Your Funnel in 60 Minutes

Generally speaking, the more things you offer your customers, the more money you will make. And if you don’t have a wide range of price points in your products, then you are losing money. A good marketer who’s been doing this for awhile will have products priced from $7 all the way up to 4

Are You Losing Sales by Leaving Out Crucial Info?

I got a free trial download of a very popular software program. I used it, liked it, and when the trial was over, I wanted to buy the software. But guess what? No where… and I mean NO WHERE – on the order form did it tell me if I was getting the software for

14 Tips for Succeeding as an Independent App Developer

Building apps has never been easier. You can now use any one of a number of services to crank out your app – sometimes in just minutes. And you can sell these apps to local businesses to help them bring in new customers, retain their current customers and increase sales. You can even create apps

The Same Box: At the End of the Day Everyone has the Same Goals

Most board games are not about co-operation, but competition, it’s the players facing off against each other to find a winner, be it Chess or Monopoly, the aim of the game is to win. Ultimately pretty much all board games are about strategy, you are not playing the game itself, but you are playing the